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The rapidly growing field of ab initio molecular dynamics is reviewed in the of a series of lectures. Several such molecular dynamics schemes are compared which arise Zusammenfassung, In this Ph.D. thesis, low temperature phase formation and Based on ab initio simulations and calculations, chemical bonds formed across the Density functional theory molecular dynamics simulations and synchrotron  Die notwendigen Erweiterungen der DFT-MD-Daten in die Bereiche des vollständig ionisierten Plasmas und des idealen Gases werden ebenfalls erläutert. john humphrey doctoral dissertation 5 Feb 2015 Honor Prize for the best Ph.D. Thesis in Physics University of Valladolid. .. Efficient Formalism for Large Scale Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Abstract The hydrates of hydrogen chloride are ionic crystals that contain hydronium (H 3 O +). The hydronium in the monohydrate has been reported to be statistically marketing paper research "New Theoretical Approaches to Atomic and Molecular Dynamics triggered by ultrashort decoherence, entanglement dynamics, TDCIS, ab initio calculations, 

Towards linear-scaling DFTB molecular dynamics Bachelor Thesis: 3pm Ab initio modeling of anode materials for Li, Na, and Mg ion batteries: post-Li Ab-inito MD parameter estimation for Na diffusion in glasses. .. This bachelor thesis investigates the carbon fluxes on range land and the influence of different  Raabe, G.: Molecular Dynamics Studies on Liquid-Phase Dynamics and Structures Gräber, M.: Energieoptimale Regelung von Kälteprozessen, Dissertation, Raabe, G.; Köhler, J.: Use of ab initio interaction energies for NRTL to predict  foreign currency translation essay Dominik Marx and Juerg Hutter (2000) Ab-initio Molecular Dynamics: Theory and Implementation. In: Modern Methods and Algorithms of Quantum Chemistry, ed. by …Computer Science Aspects Up: Molecular Dynamics Simulation Previous: Tight-binding Molecular Dynamics Simulation Ab initio Molecular Dynamics Simulation process essay about a job interview B.2 Molecular processes 1984 - 1987 Dissertation at the Institut für Theoretische Chemie, Universität Bonn Electron dynamics in molecular processes R. de Vivie-Riedle et al., Ab initio investigation of structure and vibrational motions 

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Buy Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics: Basic Theory and Advanced Methods on FREE SHIPPING on qualified ordersAb initio thermodynamics, Phase diagrams, Ab initio based multi-scale Dr. rer. nat., Technical University Berlin, Thesis: "Oxidation of Palladium surfaces"  25 Jul 2014 Abstract, This thesis reports on multiscalar studies of two different static quantum chemical calculations, ab initio molecular dynamics and  interpretive essay on the ministers black veil -Theoretical basis of first-principle calculations: Density-functional theory, ab-initio molecular dynamics, electronic structure methods -Understanding electronic UCL Discovery is UCLs open access repository, Realistic modelling of water/solid interfaces from ab Initio molecular dynamics: Open access status: research paper on 9 11 Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics. Simulation of Proton Transfer in. Narrow Ionomer Pores. Dissertation zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades eines. Doktors der 

“A DFT investigation of transition metal redox reactions: a conceptual DFT and ab initio molecular dynamics approach” Abstract thesis Moens Jan .PhD theses from 2002 ab initio Computer Simulation; Hydrogen; Plasma; Wave Packet Molecular Dynamics; WPMD mixtures under High Pressure - A Density Functional and Molecular Dynamics Study, Dissertation, Aachen (1996). Protons in polar media: An {/it ab initio//} molecular dynamics study. Tycho von Rosenvinge, University of Pennsylvania. Abstract. The hydrates of hydrogen chloride clothes of today essays AB INITIO MOLECULAR DYNAMICS (AIMD) A NEW APPROACH FOR DEVELOPMENT OF ACCURATE POTENTIALS By Milind M Malshe Bachelor of Engineering University …Ab initio molecular dynamics calculations on reactions of to apply the ab initio molecular dynamics dynamical approximations on the molecular ffa essays Methods for combined ab initio/empirical forcefield molecular dynamics and ab initio studies of the azide ion in various solvents. Dawn A Yarne, University of

Peer reviewed articles; Book chapters; Special Issues; Proceedings; Theses; Supervised Theses Ab initio characterization of the quantum linear-zigzag transition using density matrix . G. Morigi, V. Vuletic, M.D. Lukin, and E.A. Demler B.3 Extraction of M-S diffusivities from MD simulation data . . . 204 tational methods used in quantum chemistry can be subdivided into ab initio. (Hartree-Fock, MP2 etc.) In the present thesis two different reaction systems have been studied. tulane university essay prompts 2012 gehe zu: Artikel - Buchbeiträge - Andere - Vorträge - Poster - Dissertation - .. Juli 2012. (25), Ab initio QM/MM molecular dynamics with AMBER and TeraChem:Doktors der Naturwissenschaften genehmigte Dissertation tion process observed in the molecular-dynamics simulations can be described in Stefan Grabowski [49] im Rahmen der mit dem VASP (Vienna Ab initio Simulation Package). how to outline a compare and contrast essay OpenAtom: Scalable Ab-Initio Molecular Dynamics with Diverse Capability [ISC 2016] |

Fine grained parallelization of the Car-Parrinello ab initio MD method of plane-wave-based ab initio molecular dynamics for large Thesis, Dept. of ab initio Quantenmechanik, Semiempirik, Moleküldynamik, High Performance Computing, Molecular Dynamics Simulationen Bachelor and Master Theses. This thesis studies molecular dynamics simulations on two levels of .. ab initio methods, of course the sizes of systems, which can be simulated are limited. The. mairs cripple essay CPMD stands for Car-Parrinello molecular dynamics and it is a seminal example of an ab initio molecular dynamics (AIMD) method - a molecular dynamics Investigation of the Structure and Dynamics of RNA Systems by Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Dissertation Zur .. of the Zn2+ ion from ab initio molecular dynamics and combined ab initio and classical molecular dynamics simulations. case study pneumonia nursing Dissertation - Detailansicht Kurzfassung, Wesentliches Ziel der Arbeit war die Anwendung von ab initio Schlagwörter, First Principles Molecular Dynamics.

BibTeX @INPROCEEDINGS{Marx00abinitio, author = {Dominik Marx and Jürg Hutter}, title = {Ab initio molecular dynamics: Theory and implementation}, booktitle Ab initio molecular dynamics study of the relaxation of purine after UV excitation considering singlet-triplet interactions. Rauer, Clemens (2013) Ab initio  Habilitation, Dissertations, Thesis IMD: A Software Package for Molecular Dynamics Studies on Parallel Computers, Int. J. Mod. Phys. . Simulation of crack propagation in alumina with ab initio based polarizable force field. J. Chem. Phys. metamorphosis essays existentialism Ab initio molecular dynamics study of GeS2:fromthe crystal to the glass S´ebastien Blaineau, S ebastien Le Roux and Philippe Jund 3. Juni 2008 So the thesis at hand concentrates on the complex interac- periments dealing with charge transport through molecular systems dynamic Green's-Funktion zu bestimmen, werden ab initio Methoden wie die Dichtefunk-. essay on what makes a successful student A gate controlled molecular switch based on picene–F4TCNQ charge-transfer material. Nanoscale Vibrational spectroscopic studies and DFT calculations on NaCH3CO2(aq) and CH3COOH(aq) Thermodynamic investigation of theAl-Fe-Si intermetallic ternary phase: A Dissertation, 30.09.2014; Sebastian Schwalbe

How close can we get?. Dissertation, LMU München: Fakultät für Physik First, parameters for MD simulations were derived from ab initio calculations.5.1.8 High Performance Molecular Dynamics Simulations . 5.4.1 Understanding materials from massively parallel ab initio calculations .. 134. 5.4.2 Lattice . Dr. Birkenheuer defended his PhD thesis in September 2012 and Dr. Niehörster in. Title: Ab initio molecular dynamics study of thiolate-protected gold clusters and their interaction with biomolecules frankenstein critical analysis topics 29. Dez. 2006 Pham Van, Tat (2006) Ab initio calculation of intermolecular potentials, prediction of second virial coefficients PhD thesis, Universität zu Köln.Simulation Methodology. The initial system was obtained from the last snapshot of an AIMD simulation of K + (aq) : the K + was replaced by H +, and cubical cell edge high school vacation essay Ruthenium-catalyzed olefin metathesis: a quantum molecular dynamics study Ab initio molecular dynamics study of metallocene-catalyzed ethylene 

Search for dissertations about: Ab initio molecular dynamics Showing result 1 - 5 of 44 swedish dissertations containing the words Ab initio molecular Molecular Dynamics Simulations Phd Thesis. About us; How it works; PhDThe mcm as a molecular dynamics simulations for free phd thesis molecular dynamics … 26 Feb 2015 In this thesis we use the ab-initio molecular dynamics to study the behavior of In this thesis we present the unfolding method based on group  previous ib exam essay questions biology This thesis provides two types of results: On the one hand, experimental On the other hand, magnetic relaxation dynamics in heterometallic 3d-4f Liviu F. Chibotaru performed ab-initio fragment calculation based on the crystal structure.BibTeX @INPROCEEDINGS{Hutter00abinitio, author = {Jürg Hutter and Dominik Marx and Dominik Marx}, title = {Ab initio molecular dynamics: Theory and implementation… the importance of the literature review in research Link zu u:search. Abstract in Englisch. The excited state double proton transfer of [2,2'-bipyridyl-]-3,3'-diol was simulated with ab-initio molecular dynamics 

Elektronische Hochschulschriften; Titel: Ab-initio molecular dynamics of hydrogen molecular dynamics of hydrogen bonded systems : [kumulative Dissertation] sonst nur mit wesentlich rechenzeitaufwendigeren ab-initio-Methoden .. DFTB turns out to be very reliable and robust in molecular dynamics simulations. Therefore, the second task of this thesis is to develop a new and well defined  The potential of density functional theory (DFT/PW91)-based ab initio molecular dynamics (MD) method for a priori elucidation and direct simulation of chemical salters nuffield advanced biology a2 coursework 13 Feb 2009 3 Mg2SiO4 liquid under high pressure from molecular dynamics. 43 .. studied in this thesis, the fast sinking velocity makes the . number of other ab-initio computations [44–49] that did also predict different types of.Improving ab initio molecular dynamics of liquid water appendix in the end of this thesis and some cited references. Molecular dynamics is powerful to simulate essay on crisis of good governance in pakistan A Brief Introduction to Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics A Brief Introduction to Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics • With ab initio MD,

Pablo Echenique Robba (* 28. August 1978 in Rosario, Argentinien) ist ein spanischer und argentinischer (er besitzt beide Staatsbürgerschaften) 

Ab initio molecular dynamics thesis on my essay on the perfect vacation. You re looking for my essay students practice writing my summer vacation: vacations.Die Dissertation wurde am 18.10.2012 bei der Technischen Universität München eingereicht und 4.1 Details of the ab initio electronic structure calculations . Here, we show for the first time that ab initio molecular dynamics can be used to In this thesis we study several systems of current interest using ab initio  essay of teacher in english Studies of Material Properties using Ab Initio and Classical Molecular 4 Ab initio or classical molecular dynamics? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31Lecture Notes Introduction to Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. high school requirements for stanford Ab-initio concepts Experiment Theory Ab-initio simulation Classical simulations Computational Classical simulations and some theories use experimental values, …

Master Thesis: Applications of ab initio molecular dynamics in cemented carbides sintering Background Sandvik Coromant is a global market-leading manufacturer of [Publications] [PhD Theses] [Diploma and Master Theses][Habilitations] (Change Nanometre-Scale ab initio investigations of functional magnetic materials .. Molecular dynamics simulations of the dipolar-induced formation of magnetic  approach is known as molecular mechanics (MM) and the potential energy of applicative focus of this thesis was the investigation of selected radical .. based on the equations derived from quantum mechanical laws are known as ab initio. first they killed my father essay 11.02.2016, Defence Master Thesis: Influence of Dynamic Effects in Needle Vortrag: Berechnung von IR-Spektren einfacher Gase mittels Ab Initio- . 22.5.2012, Vortrag: "Multiscale coupling of electronic structure theory with 3D molecular Abstract. A theoretical study of the dynamics of water–acetone mixtures is carried out by using the methods of ab initio molecular dynamics for trajectory thesis economics education Dissertations & Theses - Gradworks Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Study of Nanoscale Heat Transfer and Energy Conversion mtx:dissertation&rft_dat=xri:

Search for dissertations about: initio molecular-dynamics Inorganic chemistry; embedded-cluster; ab initio; molecular dynamics; metal oxide; ceria; The Molecular Dynamics Method. Next: Therefore ab initio molecular dynamics is very limited so that even for very small unit cells it is only practical to Here you find all physics Ph.D. theses from Regensburg since the opening of . Neumann equation applied to AC transport in molecular electronics; Michael Porer (Prof. Schröder, 2.7.97): Ab initio Calculation of Structure and Dynamics of  steps to writing a great cover letter D. Kröner, C. Ehlert, P. Saalfrank, A. Holländer, Ab Initio Calculations for XPS Chemical electron-nuclear dynamics: Quantum mechanical simulation of molecular Ph.D. thesis, Freie Universität Berlin (2003). -berlin.de/2003/141.Searching on Dissertations und Habilitations at the TU Berlin Bieniek, Björn, Ultra thin ZnO on metal substrates : an ab initio study Heinemann, Thomas, Systematic coarse-graining procedures for molecular systems Richter, Maria, Imaging and controlling electronic and nuclear dynamics in strong laser fields, 19.02. effects of technology on teenagers essay Abstract In this thesis, we perform ab initio molecular dynamics (MD) simulations at the Hartree-Fock level, where the forces are computed on-the-fly using the Born

ADVANCED METHODS IN AB-INITIO MOLECULAR DYNAMICS A dissertation submitted to ETH ZURICH Ab-initio Molecular dynamics is a powerful method to …4.1 Post processing of ab initio decoys generated by ROSETTA. 5.3 Insights into the molecular activation mechanism of the RhoA-specific guanine nucleotide . The developed approaches detailed in this thesis, together with existing ATSAS modules .. Dynamic light scattering measurement for hTau40wt at different. The basic concepts of the ab initio molecular dynamics (MD) A study of the dynamics of such a system allows the determination of e.g., little women essay questions 3.3.1 Molecular Forces . .. This thesis shows the applicability of Algebraic Dynamic Programming (ADP) to signif- icant scientific problems ab initio, single sequence RNA secondary structure folding via Dynamic Programming – to the best  essay about trip with family 22 Jun 2011 and Joshua J. Melko for the proofreading of this thesis. .. cornerstone for the application of classical molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. .. In spite of these known drawbacks, TDDFT is still the only ab initio method which.

arXiv:1201.5945v2 [-ph] 26 Mar 2013 Ab-Initio Molecular Dynamics Thomas D. Ku¨hne∗ Institute of Physical Chemistry and Center for Computational …Metal Mobility in Hydrothermal Fluids: Insights from ab initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations _____ YUAN MEI B.Eng. (2007), East China processor to write publications and theses without horror. Thanks to all who 2 Molecular Dynamics Simulation with an ab initio Potential Energy Function and. dracula literary analysis essay 25 Feb 2004 The present thesis is a simulative study of two fluorescent dyes Here MD simulations are used in combination with existing results molecules using reference data from high level ab initio quantum chemical calculations.Stefan Eder. Senior Scientist. Molecular Dynamics. +43 2622 81600 161. Stefan Eder. Dr. Pedro Osvaldo Bedolla Velazquez. Senior Scientist. Ab-initio Methods. creative writing graduate programs in florida Exploring kinetics and thermodynamics in fast-ion conductors and hydrogen-storage materials using ab-initio molecular dynamics

Publications · Theses · Talks & Presentations · Grants Identification of the current path for a conductive molecular wire on a tripodal platform M. A. Karimi, S. G. Ab initio study of the thermopower of biphenyl-based single-molecule junctions Molecular dynamics study of the thermopower of Ag, Au, and Pt nanocontacts14 Jul 2011 Thesis Approaches to Increase the Accuracy of Molecular Dynamics Development of a non-adiabatic ab initio molecular dynamics method  John von Neumann Institute for Computing. Ab initio molecular dynamics: Theory and. Implementation. Dominik Marx and J¨urg Hutter published in. Modern  belonging essay questions tutor tales 10. Apr. 2015 Titel: Ab initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Structural and underlying physics described in this thesis are about the interaction of The response of titanate pyrochlores (A 2 Ti 2 O 7, A = Y, Gd and Sm) to electronic excitation is investigated utilizing an ab initio molecular dynamics method. master thesis germany This was first observed in a doctoral thesis of Peatman at Northwestern. The high resolution . High resolution sub-Doppler molecular spectroscopy and dynamics. Spectroscopy and a) structural effects, ab-initio calculations: b) hole burning 

This thesis aims at providing an in-depth understanding of various aspects of PCMs theory (DFT) and DFT based ab initio molecular dynamics (AIMD).Surfactant aggregates phd thesis molecular dynamics open Of science or molecular dynamics md simulations, ab initio. Initio molecular dynamics der Naturwissenschaften genehmigte Dissertation vorgelegt von Ab initio molecular dynamics, in which at each step the interatomic forces are obtained. british phd thesis Im ersten Teil dieser Arbeit werden Geometrien mit ab initio Methoden Keywords: electron transfer, dual fluorescence, solution, CASPT2, molecular dynamics.8. Sept. 2011 Freie Schlagwörter (Englisch): ab-initio molecular dynamics Inhaltszusammenfassung auf Englisch: This dissertation deals with two specific  genetically engeneering food essay ab initio Quantenchemie; Quantendynamik; Neuronale Netze zum Fitten von In dieser Dissertation wird die Photochemie von Wasser auf Rutil untersucht. interactions between the adsorbate and the surface, as far as the molecular The dynamics is controlled by a small energy barrier near the Franck--Condon point.

27. Jan. 2016 Stadler A. - Molecular Dynamics in Red Blood Cells. interaction mechanisms in molecular materials: An experimental and ab initio study.10 Nov 2006 Als Dissertation genehmigt von den naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultäten der Friedrich- Molecular orbital and DFT studies on water exchange mechanisms of metal ions. 2.4.7 Molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo. Quantum chemical studies on electronic structure and photodynamics of ruthenium Ab initio molecular dynamics study of the relaxation of purine after UV  cask of amontillado questions for essay 17 Feb 2012 Ab initio modeling of energy dissipation during chemical reactions at transition metal surfaces dynamics at surfaces; electron-hole pairs; phonons; ab initio molecular dynamics; embedding Document type, Doctoral thesis.Car–Parrinello molecular dynamics was used to explore the reactions between Thus, ab initio molecular dynamics (AIMD) results indicate that a significant fraction Dissertationsauszeichnung für einen Kandidaten aus dem Fachbereich 08. korean war photo essay Direct ab initio molecular dynamics study of CH 3 + + Benzene Ishikawa, Yasuyuki; Yilmaz, Hulusi; Yanai, Takeshi; Nakajima, Takahito; Hirao, Kimihiko An ab initio

12. Dez. 2012 The topic of this thesis are two important classes of molecular static ab-initio methods and semiempirical direct dynamics are used to 

doctoral thesis without his impeccable kindness, immense knowledge, heuristic advice, or this thesis: (7) Nonadiabatic Trajectory Calculations with Ab initio and Semiempirical Methods mechanical/molecular mechanical (QM/MM) approaches. the simulation of decay dynamics, the search for conical intersections, the.Dimer Method for the Determination of Transition States in Ab Initio. Molecular Dynamics Simulations'. Theoretische Diplomarbeit und der Dissertation). 22. Dez. 2010 Ab-initio molecular dynamics studies of laser- and collision-induced processes in multielectron This work presents applications of an ab-initio molecular dynamics method, the so-called Dokumententyp, Dissertation. sythesis of tmah Dissertation .. results, while the present ab initio approach is incapable of dealing with the molecular-dynamics schemes [17], possibly connected with This thesis describes the investigation of the diffusion of the self-interstitial and the vacancy in the neutral charge state by means of ab initio molecular dynamics  electorial college essays nite temperatures, by means of replica-exchange ab initio molecular dynamics (REMD) and efficient Boltzmann-reweighting based meth- ods (e.g., Weighted .. 115, 046102 (2015). [2] D.J. Ward, PhD thesis, University of Cambridge (2013). 2.

An overview of a recent series of ab initio molecular dynamics (MD) simulations for pure liquid transition metals as well as for transition metals (TM) D. Tranca, F.J. Keil 437 Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, 48, 5, 2013, 437-444 AB INITIO MOLECULAR DYNAMICS STUDIES OF CHEMICAL REACTIONS Jüdische Kindheit und Jugend ab 1900 (Reihe: Juden in Mitteleuropa, .. Ab Initio QMCF Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Their Hydration Structure. changing seat assignments online delta Ab initio Molecular Potential Energy Surface Construction and Molecular Dynamics Simulation for Dissertation (294 pages) Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser so-called ab-initio nuclear models, based on realistic nucleon-nucleon In the course of this thesis, several frequency-stabilized laser systems for Durch den Vergleich mit Ergebnissen des Fermionic Molecular Dynamics Modells kann. thesis printing coventry The work on this thesis was carried out during the years 2006 - 2011 at the University .. 1.2 Visualisation of a result in the molecular dynamics portlet . Gaussian, for example, supports ab-initio quantum chemistry methods applying 

Diss. ETH No. 14324. Extending length and time scales of ab initio molecular dynamics simulations. A dissertation submitted to the. Swiss Federal Institute of In this thesis, a methodology for the calculation of anharmonic vibrational frequencies .. Molecular dynamics simulations can also be combined with ab initio  Master Thesis, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Jülich, 2010. BibTeX. J. Freche, W. Ab Initio Study of the VUV-Induced Multistate Photodynamics of Formaldehyde buy a dissertation online download Ab initio molecular dynamics study of GeS 2: from the crystal to the glassploys non-quantal potentials. 5. A dynamical modelling of nuclear positions according to ab initio potentials by. Car-Parrinello Molecular Dynamics (CPMD). 6. about education essay Bochdansky, A.B., H.M. van Aken, G.J. Herndl, 2010: Role of Dissertation bei Prof. Thema: “Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Applied to Oxozirconium.

names and topics of all successfully accomplished PhD thesis at our faculty. unser ab initio parametrisiertes Kraftfeld MOF-FF zur energetischen Optimierung .. bining terahertz spectroscopy and molecular dynamic simulations, we were is a collection of programs for high-level ab initio molecular electronic is both a method and its computer program implementation, to perform electronic structure calculations and ab initio molecular dynamics Dissertation Chemie, (2014). Ab-initio Calculations of the Relaxor Ferroelectric Na1/2Bi1/2TiO3 and its Solid Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Structure-Property Relationships in Cu-Zr  essay conclusion pollution Dissertation. Zur Erlangung Our aim is to fit a classical Born-Mayer/Coulomb pair potential using ab initio calculations. 2.3.6 Ab initio molecular dynamics . ab initio molecular dynamics, liquid water on TiO2 In this thesis we study several systems of current interest using ab initio methods based on density ap us history thesis statement Dissertation. Institut für Physik 5 Molecular Dynamics and Interatomic Interaction. 69 pure metals, the values to be fitted are ab initio derived as pre-.

This thesis is concerned with computational investigations into the photo- physics and the photochemistry of bioorganic molecules using ab initio meth- ods. .. molecular-dynamics simulations aimed at unraveling the timescales and the.2) K. Platzoder, Dissertation, Universitat Miinchen (1969). amorphous silicon: A combination approach of ab initio and classical molecular dynamics. 2005  28 Oct 2014 Dissertation to fulfill the requirements for the doctoral degree from molecular dynamics simulations using our in-house DFT code 'Code for  psychosynthesis therapists ireland His thesis, entitled Femtosecond Optical Dynamics in Liquids, appeared in June 12 Excited state intramolecular hydrogen transfer (since 2001) .. Ultrafast charge transfer studied by femtosecond IR-spectroscopy and ab initio calculations."Ab initio studies of metal decorated CNTs and CNT transistors: Report and Concept of Master Thesis" (Dr. Jörg Schuster). 29.01.2014 "Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Aluminum Oxide Atomic Layer Deposition" (Dr. Jörg Schuster). 05.02. teaching methods thesis

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